SnugBoy Banana Style

UNIQUE DESIGN WITH COMFORTABLE HEADREST: Has your neck ever felt painful or uncomfortable when you are lying on the traditional Air Lounger for a long time? If so, just try our new Improved Inflatable Air Lounger, which is larger and much more comfortable than the traditional canoe shape and provides excellent support for your upper back and neck, you will get the ultimate comfort.

EASY TO USE: The SnugBoy is an inflatable air lounger with a difference. Use it as an outdoor sofa chair. Hangout with your friends. It doesn't need a pump of any sort, electric or foot pump. Rather, it uses only air to inflate. This process is so quick and simple; you'll be relaxing in seconds. Simply open up the SnugBoy and drag it through the air to inflate it, then tie up the end and it's done!

PREVENT AIR LEAKAGE: Our Air Lounger adopts the creative Two-port design and has the double layer fabric, not only make you feel more comfortable after inflation, but also ensure that it was sealed better to eradicate air leakage. Once fully inflated, it could hold the air for more than 5-6 hours, which is verified by our repeated tests.