About us

We are a company committed to making your leisure time more comfortable. The SnugBoy has been developed as a lightweight, portable lounge solution that people can take with them anywhere. Our central ethos is determined by three important, but interconnected criteria.

Committed to Innovation

The world doesn’t get anywhere if it stays the same. We take a problem and think outside the box to find a new solution that makes a big difference to people’s lives. The Snugboy is portable and easy to use, whether you are young or old. It takes simple science and uses it to provide a real life solution.

A Quality Product

At the heart of any business is a quality product. Our SnugBoy is made from durable and lightweight material that is meant to last. That means you can use it again and again, wherever you are in the world.

Great Customer Service

We back up our sales with a great customer service. That means that while we’re confident you are getting a quality product, we’re there for you if you have any problems or need some advice.

The SnugBoy is simply a great product and we’re sure that you are going to enjoy using it for many years to come.