Benefits of the SnugBoy

If you like comfort and you want it right now, wherever you are, the SnugBoy is the perfect accessory to carry with you. Buy one and we’re pretty certain you’ll find more and more places to use it. Our customers have taken it to the beach, to concerts, out to the park and used it in the office and home.

It’s light and durable

With any inflatable there’s always the problem of carrying the thing around. The SnugBoy is different. It’s extremely lightweight, can fit into a bag the size of a carrier and slips easily over the shoulder.

It’s portable

You can carry your SnugBoy anywhere. Keep it in your car for when you need it, stick it in your suitcase, put it in a desk at work or just carry it over your shoulder. The great thing about the SnugBoy is that it weighs practically nothing.

It can be used almost anywhere

You can take it to a concert, to the beach, have one at work for when you go on your break, take it on holiday or just have one or two for extra seating in the garden when you have people round. In fact, you can take your SnugBoy anywhere.

It’s easy to inflate

All you need to do is take it out, swing it around in the air and it inflates in a matter of seconds. Then you just tie off the gap and you’re ready to go. It’s a simple as that!

It’s comfortable

The SnugBoy is ergonomically designed to provide perfect comfort. Once inflated it essentially moulds to your body and gives you a relaxing place to lie back and enjoy your surroundings without a care in the world.

It’s easy to pack away

Just as it’s easy to inflate, the SnugBoy is also simple to pack away. All you do is open the end, let out the air, fold it up and put it back in its bag.

It’s colourful

Finally, the SnugBoy is a colourful bit of inflatable furniture that catches the attention of those passing by. Available in blue, black, green and red you’ll certainly get noticed when you next go down to the beach.