Corporate Branding

The SnugBoy is a vibrant, comfortable and inventive outdoor lifestyle product that you’ll be seeing throughout this year at summer festivals, at the beach, at big outdoor events and inside people’s homes and gardens. Now we would like to offer you the chance to market to your customers through the branding of our product and reach a wider audience in a much more inventive way than current online marketing techniques allows.

The Benefits of Branded Products

Many companies have chosen to put their marketing budgets solely into online techniques in recent years, and whilst it is a good move to target your market through social media and other digital streams nothing quite beats a bit of physical branding and marketing.

The SnugBoy is a lot of fun, and by branding our inflatables with your company logo and corporate message you can reach a new audience.

Increase Brand Awareness – People are now more likely to take note of a branded product, especially if it is something that will actually be used. The SnugBoy is perfect as it is a comfortable inflatable that can be taken anywhere, increasing your brand awareness.

Improve Brand Reputation – Depending on the product or service you sell you might want to be aligned with a fun, inventive product such as the SnugBoy. We’re all about the eye catching, vibrant comfort of our inflatable loungers. Why wouldn’t you want to be associated with that?

Increase Customer Loyalty – Whether you choose to brand our inflatables at an event, or as a gift to customers, a branded product goes a long way to increasing a loyal customer base. A promotional product that is memorable will put a smile on the faces of your customers.

Inventive Alternative to a Business Card – The traditional business card is tired and staid. Thinking outside the box by branding a fun and colourful product is a great way to really catch the attention of potential customers with a branded product that is truly memorable.

Why Choose the SnugBoy to Advertise with?

We are committed to providing you a comfortable leisure time, no matter your location. Our lightweight inflatable is perfect for the long summer days and offers you the chance to advertise to a wide-ranging audience. Our customers buy the SnugBoy because:

It is Simple to Inflate – All you have to do is throw the SnugBoy into the wind for a few seconds and it will inflate. Simple. Easy. Seconds.

It is a Portable Product – Because the SnugBoy is so easy to inflate it is also an easy item to carry around on your shoulder, without taking up much space at all.

It’s a Flexible Accessory – Whether you plan to sit in the garden, take a daytrip to the beach or go to a big outdoor event, the SnugBoy is an easy extra chair.

It is Comfortable and Colourful – Our product is eye catching, made with bright and vibrant colours, and most importantly of all, it’s really comfortable to sit in!

Before you contact us:

- The minimum order is 50 units.

- There is a lead time of 3-4 weeks.

If you are interested in marketing your company through branding on our colourful and fun SnugBoy inflatable, contact our team today. Either fill out the simple form below, or email us at and our team will contact you at a convenient time.  With the SnugBoy becoming one of the most popular must have outdoor accessories, your company brand could be out there in the fields of music festivals and on the beaches this summer!

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