How long does UK Delivery take?

From the moment you place your order:
Free UK delivery option : 2-5 working days via RoyalMail Second Class.
First Class delivery        : 1-2 working days via RoyalMail First Class.
Next Day Delivery         : DPD next working day if ordered before 2pm, excludes weekends.

My SnugBoy does not inflate or I have difficulty.

A certain technique is needed when there is no wind. Please study various videos where possible but once you get the hang of it, it is very easy. Do not run around in a circle, instead move forward in a straight line with one end open, then close when you stop. Repeat for other opening. Roll up the end 4 times then clip together. 

1. Unwrap from bag
2. The SnugBoy has 2 openings. Open 1 end and move forward in a straight line, drawing air into the SnugBoy.
3. Close the opening when you stop moving - this is important otherwise air will escape.
4. Repeat for the second opening.
5. Fold over the opening 4 times or until tight and buckle together the clasp.

Where Can I Use My SnugBoy?

The SnugBoy is the inflatable lounger that can be taken absolutely anywhere. Easy to carry in a handbag size pouch, it can be inflated in just a few seconds and provide hours of relaxation.

Here are just a few places where our customers are currently using their SnugBoy outdoor lounger:

At the beach

Stand out from the crowd when you’re on the beach. No lying down on a sandy blanket or trying to get comfortable on pebbly beaches. Simply inflate your SnugBoy and you’ve got the perfect piece of outdoor furniture. Catch some rays and enjoy the atmosphere on your own personal lounger in a matter of seconds.

In the Country

The same benefits are there for your next trip to the country. When you stop to have your picnic, simply inflate your SnugBoy in a few seconds to have something to sit on and eat those sandwiches and cakes. Great for all the family!

At a concert

If you’re one for Glastonbury or any other outdoor concert and need somewhere to listen to the bands in luxury, the SnugBoy is absolutely ideal. Take a few for your friends and you can make your own special lounge to enjoy the festivities.

The Barbecue

Ever invited a bunch of people round for a barbeque and had nowhere for them to sit? Get a couple of SnugBoys out and quickly inflate them and you’ve got a bit of extra sitting room in your garden.

Fancy a Sunbathe

When the sun comes out you might not want to run up to the attic and get those rickety old deck chairs out. Instead, grab your SnugBoy, swish it around to fill with air, and you’re ready to sit back and relax before the sun pops behind the next cloud.

Out in the Sticks

If you like trekking, you’ll know that carrying all that gear can be a big headache. The SnugBoy takes up much less room than a blanket roll and is a lot more comfortable. Whether you want a rest from walking or are finished for the day, the SnugBoy is easy to set up and take down.

Lunchtime in the Park

If you have ever broken for lunch on a sunny day and tried to find a seat in the local park, you’ll certainly understand how useful a SnugBoy can be. Keep it in your drawer at work and you’ll never have to worry about finding a place to sit again.

Take it with you on holiday, put it in the car or even have one or two in the office, there are plenty of places where you are suddenly going to need a seat. The great news is that the SnugBoy packs away to nothing and can be inflated in just a few seconds. It’s the perfect solution for indoors and out.

It’s one of the best accessories you will ever buy.