Meet The Snugboy

What is the SnugBoy?

The lounge bag for all your outdoor and indoor needs. 

It’s looks small, fits into a bag and can be carried over your shoulder. About the size of a normal handbag or satchel, the SnugBoy needs just a bit of air to transform into a person size bed or recliner. Whether you are an ardent camper, need something for the beach or just want some easy to pack away furniture for the garden, this is perfect solution to your needs.

The SnugBoy is a durable, colourful inflatable recliner that is designed to give you comfort when you most need it. Lightweight in its uninflated state, the SnugBoy easily hangs off the shoulder and can be carried to any event. When you get there, it takes just a few seconds to inflate and provide you with comfortable seating. There’s no blowing or pump equipment required.

All you need to do is take your SnugBoy out of its bag, unfold it and then swing it around. This traps more than enough air in the opening which can then be sealed off to provide an instant place to comfortably lay your head. And when you’ve finished, all you do is quickly release the air, fold up your SnugBoy and put it back in the bag. It’s as simple as that.

The SnugBoy is made from light, durable material and is available in a variety of colours including:

  • Blue
  • Sky Blue
  • Black
  • Green
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Purple

You can keep it in your car, for when you go to a concert or visit the beach, and buy ones for all the family to use if you want. It’s not just an accessory that lasts for a few occasions and then gets a puncture either. Its durable material means you can use the SnugBoy again and again, year after year.

It’s brilliant for all sorts of occasions.